Brother Flavian Kindetgarten School

Teacher's Brief

Tressa Mina Gonsalves

Assigned Class

Nursery, Section-A, Class Teacher


I had started my teaching career from saint scholastica girls high school and college. I have been teaching there from 2001 to since 2003. Then i joined on Don Bosco girls high school at 2005 as a teacher, which is a afternoon school. At 2006 , i was a teacher of play center , which is located on Kajer Deuri, chittagong. In play center i had won an award of best teacher. Then i joined Brother Flavian at 2008 and still serving here as a teacher. I love to work with children. I am industrious by nature. I love to get along with everyone and love to do charity work. I was a part of many charity organization such as C.S.O, Y.W.C.A, etc. Serving to kid as a teacher demands the childish nature in you. That i try to hold each and every moment. I like the rules and regulations of Brother Flavian. Beside study ,  I along with my other respected colleagues  keeping a simple and soft mentality, try to teach the kids  how to stand by the weak ones by their best effort.

Experiences As a teacher

I had worked as Sub Asst, Teacher at St Scholastica Girls High School and College for three years. Then i worked in world Vision as a teacher for 2 years. Currently have been teaching here as a teacher of Nursery Class.