Brother Flavian Kindetgarten School

Teacher's Brief

Lynda Mavis Dsanges

Assigned Class

Nursery Section A, Assistant Teacher


My name is Lynda Mavis Dsanges .this is my first job . I love dealing with children, I want to show them that studying can be fun and interesting . everyday I want to make it a fun day for them . I love seeing them come to school with a smile and eagerness to start the classes . everyday they get to learn from me and I get to learn from them.

Experiences As a teacher

I I love to put myself in challenges and take on more rolls in the classroom to gain more experience . I love to deal with children which gives me the chance to learn thing from them . I am a gogetter and am very eager to learn and put myself in new challenges . I get to learn a lot from the experience teachers we have in Brother flavian kindergarten school .I want to bring fun and new ideas to the classroom and change to ways of teaching .