History of School

Brother Flavian Kindergarten School is a Catholic pre-primary school run by the Congregation of the Brothers of Holy Cross in Chattogram. The school was established in 2007.The building known as Brother Flavian Kindergarten School was lying idle and was not being used for any purpose. Brother Prodip Placid Gomes CSC first discussed about how the building could be used and asked suggestions from the brothers’ community. The members of this Brothers community were  Bro. Prodip Placid Gomes CSC, Bro. Nirmol Francis Gomes CSC and Bro. Hamlet  Francis Gosal CSC. The house members came to a common understanding to open a kindergarten school in the empty tin shed two storied building. But before opening the school , Bro. Prodip Placid Gomes CSC along with the community members brought up the issue in the provincial chapter of 2006 of Brothers Congregation. The chapter had granted permission to open a pre-primary school. All the necessary arrangements were done by Bro. Placid Gomes CSC with the help of Bro. Nirmol Gomes CSC and Bro. Hamlet Gosal CSC. The house chapter discussed about the naming of the new school. Many proposals came but at last the Brothers community decided to keep the name of the school Brother Flavian Kindergarten School. The strong reason behind was that the provincial chapter of 2006 requested the General Administration to begin the cause of Brother Flavian’s beatification. Brother Flavian was a Holy Cross Brother and great missionary who worked in Bangladesh from 1932 until 1981.He was a teacher and a headmaster of different Catholic schools. Later he was involved with the socio-economic development of the jolodash community.

The school launched its journey on January 6, 2007, by adopting the name “Brother Flavian Kindergarten School” with an enrollment of 288 students and a group of 9 enthusiastic teachers. Bro. Nicholas Theilman CSC was the first principal of this school. Bro. Liton Francis Rebeiro CSC and Bro. Rinku Lawrence Costa CSC also served as principals of this institution. The Present principal Bro. Hamlet Francis Gosal CSC is guiding the school with a firm hand, and has taken the school to its pinnacle. Recently, the school has started its activity in the new building. The building boasts having all the modern amenities, providing a healthy and wonderful environment for the students and teachers. The number of students enrolled at present is nearly 756. The school has a faculty of 24 dynamic teachers, 2 office staffs, 6 helping hands, who are all Roman Catholic. The teachers, staffs, and students are very glad to work in a high class building.